Update-2: Quick review of Yemen cabinet change

Update on affiliations of two of the nominees (Ahmed Ubaid alFadhli and Hussam alSharjabi) can be below in Bold.

President Abdu Rabu Mansoor Hadi made a change in his controversial government today after popular outrage over lack of basic services( including but not limited to fuel, electricity, water) have reached its peak in capital Sana’a.

Based on a press statement listing new members in the government, next to each appointee is a quick review (in brackets) of their political affiliation.

-Ahmed Ubaid Ben Daghr (PHD), Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Telecommunications and InformationTechnology (a leading member of General People Congress, GPC , former president Saleh’s party.Ben Daghr retains his post as minister of telecommunications & Technology. New post is deputy prime minister.)

-Abdullah Mohsen alAkwa, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Electricity.(An Islah member replacing an Islah nominee Saleh Sumay’a. Had no previous post in this government).

-Nasr Taha, Minister of Information. (An Islah affiliate replacing Islah nominee Alamrani. Taha was Executive Director of the Presidential Office).

-Ahmed AbdulQader Shayeh, Minister of Oil and Minerals. (Said to be an affiliate of Hirak, close to Hadi. Shayeh replaced a recently GPC nominee Bahah).

-Mohammed Mansour Zemam, Minister of Finance. (A GPC affiliate, replacing an Islah nominee Sakhr al-Wajeeh).

Ahmed Awadh Bin Mubarak (PHD), Executive Director of the Presidential Office. (Close to Hadi, replacing Taha who was appointed minister of  Information).

Mansour Ali alButani (PHD), General Secretary of the Presidency. (Said to be an affiliate of Hirak, close to Hadi).

-Dr Abu Bakr alQirbi, Member of the Shura Council. (A GPC member & former minister of foreign affairs. A Shura Council post is considered more of sacking than a new appointment.)

-Jamal al-Salal, Minister of Foreign Affairs. (A relative of first republican president upon 1962 coup. Not much of Salal is known but said to be a Hadi associate).

-Ahmed Ubaid alFadhli, Member of the Shura Council. (Said to be an affiliate of Hirak, close to Hadi) Muhammed al-Basha, of the Yemen Embassy in Washington, said that alFadhli is a GPC member.

-Hussam al-Sharjabi, Vice Minister of Finance.  (Said to be an affiliate of Hirak, close to Hadi). Atiaf Alwazeer, an active blogger who tweets at @WomanfromYemen , pointed that while it’s true that Husam al-Sharjabi is close to Hadi, but he can’t be described as a pro Hirak affiliate. Al-Sharjabi, as advised by both ‏@AbdulazizSaqqaf and @WomanfromYemen, is the head of @WatanParty.

-Fouad alHemyari, Vice Minister of Information. (An Islah member. Not much is known about al-Hemyari but He’s well known for his Friday’s preaches during 2011 uprising).

-Sakhr alWajeeh, Governor of Hodaidah. (An Islah nominee and former Finance minister.)

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