Official: Four ‘northerners’ killed in ongoing violence South Yemen

Four people were killed in South Yemen and clashes between government officials and locals have erupted in more than one place. Based on a security officer at the Ministry of Interior, a number of violent events occurred in a couple of areas in South Yemen as a part of the ongoing disobedience that took into effect today. The disobedience was called for by southerners to protest Government’s killing of a powerful tribal leader in December 2, 2013. People in South Yemen have already grievances against the central government and killing the tribal sheikh was the last straw. Haykal Bafana’s twitter account and blog provide a background and detailed analysis of the issue.

Hadramout, Sayoon

–          Al-Kathiri tribe stormed General Security HQ and Investigation Department. Kathiri forced security personnel out. No causalities reported.

–          Clashes between tribes and security/military troops in a couple of nearby places.


–          Armed clashes between security and southerners in Dar Sa’ad, Sheikh Othman, al-Mua’la, al-Mansoora, and al-Tawahi. Causalities not yet known.

–          In al-Mansoora, protesters set on fire main building of Islah Party, the most powerful Islamist party leading the Government now.


–          Four ‘northerners’ were killed by protesters in al-Muraisi farm.

–          Protesters stormed the province HQ.

–          Flag of Former South Yemen were raised in schools and other government buildings.

–          Protesters restored demarcation of former South-North boundary at Sanah area.

–          Protesters blocked Sana’a-Aden main road.


The security officer, who spoke annonimously, said there were no updtes in other places that also witneseed the uprising. The information above couldn’t be verified from another source.

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1 Response to Official: Four ‘northerners’ killed in ongoing violence South Yemen

  1. Ayad says:

    You’ve written report with many of the facts of fraud and misinformation ..

    People’s Revolution in southern Yemen peaceful revolution, and all who were killed today are the sons of South Yemen, and were killed by Yemeni security forces

    see plz that link :

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