On kidnapped Dutch couple and ‘remnants of the regime’

After video plea of kidnapped Dutch couple was released two weeks ago, we have heard many sloppy accounts of their release and whereabouts.

The recent one, carried out by Almasdar Online, claimed that Judith Spiegel and her Husband (I wonder why the hostages and not the kidnappers are the one asking for the ransom) asked $ 10 million in ransom. Also, the story paid an effort to rule out any involvement of the al-Qaeda group and blamed ‘remnants of the regime’ inside the National Security Bureau (NSB) for non-cooperation, a charge the Dutch Govt. was also accused of.

It’s too early to blame anyone. For the sake of our friends’ release, we all got to be patient and let the diplomats sort this out.

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2 Responses to On kidnapped Dutch couple and ‘remnants of the regime’

  1. Sally Mens ( @Snemyllas ) says:

    It is a common practice nowadays to let the hostages bid for the ransom, as this causes a play of rumors and emotions, manipulation and betrayal of which the kidnappers are the directors.

    Online is not the place to explain the tactical moves, but look on YouTube for “Sjaak Rijke”, a Dutch NGO worker in Mali abducted in 2010, and you’ll find a piece of the psychological manipulation explained.

    • Thanks Sally for directing me to the Sjaak Rijke video. For letting the hostage in Yemen bid for ransom as claimed by Almasdar story, I think that was more of a badly written report than a tactic employed by the kidnappers. A lot about hostage conditions and demands still unclear.

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