Dozens injured and two killed in land dispute

Dozens were injured and few were killed in an exchange of fire this Friday afternoon between armed groups in Hadda area over a land dispute.

Eyewitnesses in Faj Attan area said that armed tribesmen of Sheikh Ju’abul Toaiman from Marib province and armed men from Faj Attan area in Hadda exchanged fire after Friday prayer when the latter prayed in the disputed land.

Two hours now of a heavy and random shooting and police hasn’t showed up.

Residents in the neighborhood said ambulances came to the clash scene to hospitalize a dozen who fell killed and injured. Other eyewitnesses said that two of Shiekh Toaiman were killed. They gave no accurate number of the causalities.

Ala’a al-Huwaidi, whose house was meters from the clash scene, said that Faj Attan’s armed men stormed his house’s rooftops and were shooting at their foes in the disputed land.

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