Officer: Dutch couple reported kidnapped in Sana’a to be released today

Two foreign people, who were reported to have been kidnapped in the capital Sana’a today, will be released later in the evening, a security officer said.

A Facebook page called ‘Ahrar News’  said it quoted sources in the Dutch embassy saying they had lost contacts with two of its nationals who works in Yemen as journalists since three days, which made the embassy to report that to the police. The page said that the police went to the journalists’ house in Hadda area and found nothing but a dog.

Journalist Iona Craig said via Twitter that close sources said the Dutch people have been kidnapped for a week.

The security officer, who spoke on anonymous conditions, said that ministry was informed today of a kidnapping of a ‘Dutch couple’ in Hadda area. He said that the kidnappers are still in the capital.

“The kidnappers are still in Sana’a [along with the Dutch held hostage],” said the officer. They will be released today, in the evening.”

The officer, who works in the operation department, did not elaborate more on the kidnappers’ identity of their motives but say an ‘agreement has been reached’ to release them today.

No official statement by either the Yemeni government or the Dutch Embassy has been released so far.

The information the officer gave couldn’t be verified from another source.

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2 Responses to Officer: Dutch couple reported kidnapped in Sana’a to be released today

  1. We hope to hear from them soon. Judith is a long time friend and this news is very sad. I have tried to contact the Dutch Embassy through friends and from what I hear they are aware of this.

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