Houthis resume participation in Yemen dialogue after demands met

The Houthi group’s delegates to the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) resumed today a their participation that was postponed last Sunday over security crackdown on a protest march in the capital.

Around five hundreds of protesters, led by the Shiite Houthi group in Yemen, marched on June 9 towards National Security Bureau (NSB) to demand release of their fellow members they say were detained before and during 2011 uprising. The NSB fired

at the protest, killed 13, injured over 100, and detained dozens, which led the group to postpone their participation in the NDC.

The group’s spokesperson, Ali Al-Bukhaiti, said in a statement posted in his Facebook page that delegates resumed their participation in NDC after the government met ‘most of the points we raised in the… statement”.

Al-Bukhaiti said that the government implemented the following points:

–          A ‘group’ of those detained in the NSB were released. (It was not clear which ones were released: those held before or after June 9 protest)

–          President Hadi ordered hospitalizing the injured at the state’s expense in hospitals the group would choose

–          Hadi pledged to consider those killed in June 9 protest ‘martyrs’ along the same lines as Herak ‘Southern Movement’ and 2011 popular protest

–          President Hadi ordered a probe into the June 9 protest where Houthis would be represented

Al-Bukhaiti said that there were still few issues that were not addressed. “Yet, we have the right to postpone our participation again if the government doesn’t not meet the rest of the points raised in the statement we issued, or procrastinate implementing what it has committed to do,” said al-Bukhaiti.

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