Yemen Interior orders police stop chasing bomber in process

Written By: Mohammed Ali Kalfood

Aug 6, 2012 – 1:05:35 AM

Yemen Ministry of Interior ordered police apparatus in capital to stop pursuing of what the ministry designated as “suicide bomber” suspect who is carrying a suicide attack in the capital, revealed a classified internal memo issued by the Ministry of Interior.

The memo, leaked to the Yemen Observer by an officer who requested anonymity, had ordered the capital security units to arrest Abdullah Muhammed al-Shabwani. The memo identified al-Shabwani as an al-Qaeda suspect who is intending to detonate an explosive laden car in the capital Sana’a.

As seen in the photo, the memo to arrest al-Shabwani was dated on May 5, 2012. Later on May 20, however, the ministry issued another memo telling the police to stop pursuing al-Shabwani. “The second memo does not mean that al-Shabwani was arrested. Neither al-Shabwani was arrested before the second one ordering not to arrest him was issued. He is still at large,” the officer said.

The officer said that al-Shabwani is one of the assailants on the electricity power supplies and an al-Qaeda suspect.

He said he has no further information known whether al-Shabwani is still in the capital or not.

A number of al-Shabwani tribe of Marib province  have been identified as al-Qaeda members by the Yemeni government and some have been killed as fighting alongside al-Qaeda group in Abyan province

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