Spanish officer found dead in Yemen

By Elginette Kasim

Yemen Observer



Antonio Ballestros, a 38 year-old, is the police officer at the Spanish Embassy in Sana’a who was found dead in Sana’a on May 22, 2012.

The Spanish police officer who went missing on May 19 was found dead in a southern district of the capital Sana’a on May 22.

Antonio Cejudo Ballesteros, a 38 year-old police officer at the Spanish Embassy in Sana’a, went missing on Thursday 17th May 2012. He was stationed in Sana’a since 2010 after 6 years in the National Police in Spain and being previously assigned to the Police Intervention Unit (IPU) in Granada and Central Intervention in Madrid.

Authorities say that he was found with his gun next to him and bullet wound through his head

An official at the Spanish Embassy told the Yemen Observer that the cause of the death was still unclear but that the embassy is conducting an autopsy before making the final report.

The brother of the National Police officer, Javier Cejudo, has said it is “a mistake” to speak of kidnapping in this case because “it is still premature.” His family had been unable to contact him since Friday afternoon as his phone was switched off.

By contrast, in his Twitter account, Javier was pessimistic about the situation of his brother, saying that “things are looking bad and that it appears to be a kidnapping,” but that nothing had officially been confirmed.


Antonio Cejudo disappeared after leaving for the airport to take a few days vacation in Spain. At first his absence was not noticed as he was thought to have left for his trip. It was only after his family in Spain contacted the embassy with his failure to arrive in Madrid that they realized that he had not reached his destination.

The sources consulted have indicated that his mobile phone stopped transmitting a signal between Friday night and Saturday morning. His arrival in Spain was scheduled for Thursday, but on Sunday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation officially declared Antonio Cejudo missing.

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