Filipino kidnapper refuses mediation efforts

Three Filipino sailors are still held hostage in the eastern province of Marib by a local kidnapper who declined an initial mediation effort to release the hostages, demanding his son and a couple of men be freed, a close source to the kidnapper told the Yemen Observer.

A tribal mediator has began negotiating efforts to release the Filipino men who were kidnapped last week, but said that the kidnapper demanded the release of a couple of Marib citizens, including his son Abdulghani, who were arrested in Sana’a two weeks ago in connection with charges of sabotage and kidnapping.

The Filipino men are in safe place, the local source, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed. The kidnapper, Ali Hussain al-Zayidi, captured the Filipino sailors at Sirwah, in Marib, as they were on their way to Sana’a from Mahra province.

The Ministry of Interior said that the three Filipino are employed at a navigational company and that it has ordered the “local authorities to arrest the kidnapper”.

Al-Zayidi, in his forties now, has previously attacked an oil pipeline in Sirwah. “He committed sabotage and received about half a million Saudi Riyal,” the tribal source said.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous,  Khalid Bin Naji al-Sofi, who led the negotiation effort, did not give in to the kidnapper’s demands, allowing only Abdulghani, his son, be freed in exchange for the release of the Filipino sailors.  The source close to the kidnapper said that though both al-Zayidi and al-Sofi have not yet reached an agreement, negotiations are still ongoing.

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