Three protesters beaten as Dignity March approaches Sana’a

Three protesters of the “Dignity March” were beaten by officers as the march passed through Amran province and continued marching towards the Capital to denounce Yemen interim government’s intention to grant president Saleh immunity.

Thaif Allah Fara’an,one protester reached by mobile phone, said officers boarding a car, with a license plate (19/3545) took him by force into the car trying to bribe him to defect from the march as 15 other mates already did. Fara’an, who identified himself as the head of General Forum of Revolutionary Organizations in Hodaidah province, said:”They offered me YR10,000 to cause divisions among protesters but when I refused, they beat me get me out at the Division Brigade [the Amran-based 310 Armoured Brigade of the defected military].”

Fara’an, among several Hundreds who set off on foot for the Capital, said he was held for half an hour and was accused to be a follower of the Houthi, the Shiite rebel group believed to have inspired both the Dignity March and a previous one dubbed the Life March.

Nayef Abdullah Abu Khirshifa, one of the march organizers, claimed that 30 of Islah Party protesters stopped at Amran and accused Islah Party loyalists of beating protesters. Khirshifa said the number of the march participants has reached around 40,000 people, and that it’s 5km away from outskirts of the capital Sana’a.

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