Suspects of al-Ahmar clan not allowed in Yemen interim government, Saleh’s senior aide

The suspects in the June attack on President Saleh’s compound won’t be allowed to participate in the interim government to take place following an agreement on the GCC deal, a senior aide to President Saleh’s ruling party said November 17.

Al-Ahmar family and members of the Islah Party, including defected General Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar, can’t be part of the interim government, said Sultan Al-Barakani, the assistant secretary general of the ruling party, the General People’s Congress (GPC).

“The Presidential attack is one of the main issues that the Ruling Party and opposition should agree on as a terrorist attack,” al-Barakani said.

Al-Barakani said that Saleh won’t leave power unless a presidential election is over, which the opposition has refused, demanding that Saleh hand power before the presidential election is held.

“There is no resignation, departure, or a defined date [when President Saleh] leaves power and once an early presidential election is over, President Ali Abdullah Saleh will hand power to the president-elect,” al-Barakani said.

Al-Barakani, in charge of the GPC’s political affairs and foreign relations, said there is no progress in the discussion on the GCC deal as the opposition leaders are in a “recreation trip” in the region.

Some JMP leaders are in Arab Gulf states rallying more support to make more pressure on Saleh to hand power.

Jamal Benomar, the UN Secretary General’s special envoy to Yemen, arrived in Yemen, November 10, to report back to the UN Security Council on Yemeni rivals’ commitment by a UN resolution backing the GCC deal.

Benomar said that talks are still going to reach a mutual agreement between the regime and the opposition groups.

Political analysts in Yemen believe that the picture in Yemen would be clear after the November 21, when the UN report about Yemen will be issued and will decide who was hindering a political solution and show where Yemen is heading.

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