Opposition refuses Gulf deal, Youth demand organizing committee to resign

By Shuaib M. al-Mosawa
Yemen Observer

The opposition refused to sign the last draft of the Gulf initiative on a transfer of power after being amended based on the President demand he would sign it as head of Ruling party not as president.

In a statement released by the opposition on Sunday, it said they are committed to signing the first draft of the deal the Secretary General of the Gulf States submitted to them in 21 of April. The opposition objected that the last draft missed the signature of the European Union and the United States as sponsors of the deal. The opposition threatened that any delay in signing the agreement by the regime would put it “face to face” with the people’s choices.

In the meantime, protesters in Change Square threatened to start “crawling” toward the Presidential Palace, refusing the Gulf initiative at all. Youth entities in the Change Square criticized on Monday the Organizing Committee of the youth for “not raising up to their dreams” accusing it of receiving orders from the Islah party and other opposition groups. Adel Enan, one protester at the Change Square said that crowds of youths were chanting “go” to the Organizing Committee, demanding it to resign. He said that youth are discussing ways of crawling with other entities across the country. Dr. Muhammad Abdulmalik Al-Mutawakil, head of one party of the opposition coalition, Joint Meeting Parties, said that he is “against the crawling as a whole.” Dr. al-Mutawakil said that opposition will only accept the deal submitted to them in the 21 of April as the new one also include the President signature as a sponsor in addition to 30 signature of both the opposition and ruling party. Dr. Mutawakil said in a phone call with the Yemen Observer that opposition still wanted explanation to one article of the deal that mentioned “Commitment of all parties to remove the political and security elements of tension,” which refers to lifting the sit-ins across the country.

Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr, Assistant Secretary-General of the General People’s Congress, ruling party, accused “extremist forces” in the JMP of working to disable any direction of reconciliation. He said, in a statement to Saudi Oqaz newspaper, that the Gulf initiative served as an effective ground in front of the political forces to the dialogue.

Gulf Countries Cooperation (GCC), along with the United States and the European Union, have brokered a deal between political force to end a three-month of popular protest across Yemen. The main points of the deal states that an interim government be formed, which will give Salih a waiver from trial in order resign from power one month after signing the deal.

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