Al-Qaeda in Yemen kills military amid tribal-brokered truce

BY Shuaib M. al-Mosawa

Al-Qaeda attacked a military armored vehicle in the capital Zinjubar of Abyan province amid a tribal-brokered truce signed recently between al-Qaeda group and the 111 Brigade.

Al-Qaeda group, using RPG bombs, attacked on early Wednesday morning the military vehicle in al-Musaimeer checkpoint near Zinjubar, killing two soldiers and injuring five others after three days of initiating the truce process, a security officer said.

“One respected figure of Abyan, Muhammad Ju’abul Sheikh, had brokered a truce between al-Qaeda group and the 111 Brigade based in Lawdar before the militant attacked the soldiers,” the security officer said. the officer, quoting a another security source, said that Sheikh, former Director General of Lawdar district, reached a one-month truce on the 24th of April between the 111 Brigade and the militant group. However, the militant group broke the deal by attacking the military vehicle on Wednesday and also seizing the Intelligence headquarters in Lawdar earlier on Tuesday, the officer added.

Yemen Observer contacted the Sheikh but he did not give more details of the truce, citing sensitivity.
“We want our efforts to have good results and not media hype. The situation is far more complex so we aim to work quietly,” Sheikh said, implying the truce process has not reached the final stages yet and that the terms of the truce, if succeeds, will be limited to Lawdar area only.

The al-Qaeda militants have increased attacks in Abyan and neighboring provinces of Lahj, Shabwa, and Marib while the Yemeni political leaders are negotiating a gulf mediated agreement to end a three-month of popular protest demanding President Salih to resign. 

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