Family of US drone victims kidnap Russian doctor

A Russian doctor was kidnapped on Monday afternoon by Al Anbor family of Abyan province that a U.S drone attacked in late December 2009 for allegedly harboring an al-Qaeda camp.

A security source said the Russian doctor, Abdul-Hamid Jhon, 65, works at the Attiq hospital in the neighboring province of Shabwa.

“Al Anboor family went to Jhon, claiming a family member needed urgent treatment,” the security source said.

He said that John left the hospital with the Al Anboor at 6 pm. He added that Al Anboor has let jhon report the incident to the Russian embassy in Sana’a.

Some local media said Al Anboor demanded blood money, estimated at YR 10 million, while others said they demanded instigators be handed over to trial.

A fact-finding committee of the parliament recommended on the fifth of January, 2010 blood money be paid to the victim families- AL Anboor and Al Haidara. The committee said the attack killed 42 people, most of whom were women and children.

Amnesty International showed remnants of U.S. missiles in al-Ma’ajala area, al-Mahfad district of Abyan province in which a U.S. drone attacked an alleged site of al-Qaeda on Thursday, the 19th of December, 2009.

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