Abyan Security: Al-Qaeda ready to attack military headquarters

Al-Qaeda fighters in Abyan province are preparing to attack possible military reinforcements in Lawdar district as the first batch arrived early Wednesday in Lawdar district.

A security source in Lawdar district, the main al-Qaeda stronghold, said groups of al-Qaeda fighters are deployed clearly, roaming Lawdar streets since the early morning. “They had all sorts of weapons: automatic machine guns, Rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), and shoulder-fired missile,” the security source said.

The source added that security presence in Lawdar district can not control the situation there and is “very weak” to control even the main Souk. “They are half kilometer away from the 111 Brigade and it is very likely they will initiate the attack,” the source added.

Al-Qaeda offshoot in Yemen, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP), had attacked Ahmed Mubarak Naser, Staff Major General of 111 Brigade, in last week but he survived the attack.

Update: The security source said al-Qaeda fighters fired Rocket Propelled Grenades toward the 111 brigade headquarters. He said no casualties have been reported yet.

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